Sunday, January 23, 2011

As the sun went down....

Holidays, hanging out with friends and playing with new digital SLR camera equals true source of inspiration and creativity...
this is the result

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The secret wonderland of a designer

Images are my words
Collecting close to my heart
Surrounding myself with inspiration
The best things in life are free

The wonderland of a designer, the secret garden of inspiration behind every designers bedroom door... This is mine...
I started out as a poor fashion student who had not even a dollar to her name... her room consisted of a mattress, a single mattress on a cold wooden floor!........ OK maybe i am being a little over dramatic but you get the picture right i was poor! i shall confess that i also had a wardrobe full my beautiful treasures but it would be an tragedy to think that a designer did not posses an array of stylish pieces to keep her smiling and looking fabulous..

Freed from the restraint of fashion school...i have saved my pennys to create a world only for me! I collect and find furniture, candles, posters pictures, frames ornaments and anything that takes my fancy a lot of the stuff you find in my room is either priceless and free or for a penny or two from the op-shop... You don't need a lot to make a world of your own... i find amazing pictures in magazines i collect funky business cards, postcards, feathers beads old frames and posters to stick up on my wall.. my greatest find was my gorgeous granny lounge which i found for $60 it was actually a four seat set but i just kept the 2 seater to put in my room and left the others for some one else who likes old school vintage!... i love it floral pattern and wooden handles all in perfect condition!
Each treasure i find and fall in love with
I just love to collect and shall continue to collect i need a rug a lamp, a bedside set of draws, curtains etc and am excited to keep hunting... it shall never be finished my room, my personal canvas..
But that the fun of it really forever changing always inspired by something new and excting i hope it inspires you to create your own world

This love will never die...

Here is some stuff i have been working on over the chrissy holidays... entered into mens wear, making a vest for a wedding... spent some time in the 1940's creating a ruby red number for a friends 21st... why do i do it? I do it for their smile.