Thursday, May 5, 2011


So! news news news! have been interning with Dion lee the pass month and it has been amazing! Here i got to see first class a designer and team work right up to fashion preparing for the show! It was amazing to touch and see each garment come from a sketch and from roles of fabrics into the fabulous designs of Dion lee!.. I got to sample cut, fuse, hand sew buttons and hems as well as assist with styling pieces such as shoes and belts whilst listening to Brittany spears and Madonna on replay (mind my student-y awe! but haha so cool)!
I witnessed amazing natural, silks fabrics in gorgeous aqua and mint greens, pinks, blacks and whites being over-layed by amazing futuristic patterned prints and technical synthetic prints that just spoke of original genius on the catwalk at RAFW!

It was great to hang out with some of my beautiful fashion friends again, like old times. As well as contribute, even if it was in such a small way, to such an amazing show, which has such fantastic master minds behind it all. It just amazing the time energy, thought and preparation that goes into such a show. and shall definitely be an experienced well remembered!

so great! Dion and my past Tafe class on the news be sure to check it out!

Friday, April 29, 2011

When Life turns to Memories.

So my parents had to help clean out my Nana's house, up in Queensland last week, as she is moving to a much smaller place. She gave us so many nick nacks and gifts it was unbelievable! She has kept so much stuff over the years it close to insane! I Even got her wedding dress which is stunning! i love it! The beautiful gown is so simple yet delicate. The reason I love it the most is the fact its part of family history, it makes me treasure it even more so! Vintage just seems so romantic the beautiful stories, memories and secrets that each piece holds just seems magical like part of a movie or something.
Here are some pictures of vintage treasures I have received plus some pics of my beautiful Nana and Pop when they were young! I was just so excited I had to record and show you all! They seemed to have a beautiful life and my childhood is filled with memories of them both.

Neon. Tribal tatoo and floral.

Fashion never escapes me, I came home the other night to find my sister, Emma and all her talented Tafe group madly sewing away in preparation for their Tafe swimwear range, which was due the following day! Within the mayhem I saw as they pieced together such fun, colorful, floral, fabrics and clashed them so cleverly with tribal designed stretches. These were all crafted and printed by the group themselves!....
The above pictures are the results of months of planning and creating, excitement, inspiration, ideas and laughs as well as sleepless, nights, arguments, tears stress and no time! But really, as you can see for yourself it is all part of the fun.
From the pink tipped whigs to the fluro shoe laces everything has been delicately thought out,the small floral print was hand drawn by Emma herself, it was then printed and then coloured, with bright colours which was all done by hand as well! I must say I really love the bright pink and fluro oranges! contrasted with stripes and bold tribal print in classic strong colours as black and white. So much going on, so many panels, each an artwork in their own right.
All together it works fabulously!

so inspired i just love it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't forget...

What truly inspires me in life might seem strange to some, but it you only knew the hope i hold, then you may understand...
Over the Christmas break I spent ten days in Forster camping out with about 45 or so people from both Sydney and the central coast.
Here God is doing a great work! We are a crew of young Christians passionate about sharing our faith and hope with the youth of Forster. That hope is found in Jesus, we have been transformed by Jesus death resurrection and excited for our new life after death in heaven! We don't want people to miss out on this opportunity to know of Jesus love for them!

God has done a great work in bringing together and using the musical, the artistic, the socially equipped, the caring , the nurturing and each individual passionate and joy driven heart to form the team of Forster.

Such an experience has left me gob smacked!...To witness prayer work and stretch over each conversation had, each testimony told and each relationship built. To help and give a new sense of hope to those who are looking for more than what this life has to offer.To dig deeper into His word and see new meaning for his promises to us and new ideas of our purpose in this world.
To be apart of a family which is eternal. Bound together by His Holy spirit. Its just amazing and left me with a sense of awe at how great a God we have the pleasure of knowing personally.

I could get carried away and go on more but i try to keep things short and simple I just want to leave with this......(Even tho i believe in this verse it is moses speaking to the Israelite about the ten commandments i do think it is applicable for what we have experienced at forster!)
Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not
forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them. Deuteronomy 4:9

To Him be the glory!

Photographs from

Lost. and Found. Find. and Keep.



and Felt hats.

Lost and founds markets :

Finders keepers markets:

and the city of Melbourne

Captured. Jennifer Regan.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to experience a photo shoot By Sydney bridal designer Jennifer Regan. I helped dress and style models and the experience was oh so inspiring!
It enabled me to get up close to beautiful 1930's inspired bridal gowns, beautiful bead worked lace ,gorgeous silk fabrics and amazing styling!
To be part of such a creative group, designers, photographers, makeup artists etc! I just Love it!

I shall be working at Dion lee, next exciting!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


We had a garage sale, sold clothes and altered designs that we had made our selves! Great day bumming round in our friends front lawn drinking slurpees, playing with bubbles and dressing up in vintage finds!
The fun things in life are simple.