Friday, April 29, 2011

When Life turns to Memories.

So my parents had to help clean out my Nana's house, up in Queensland last week, as she is moving to a much smaller place. She gave us so many nick nacks and gifts it was unbelievable! She has kept so much stuff over the years it close to insane! I Even got her wedding dress which is stunning! i love it! The beautiful gown is so simple yet delicate. The reason I love it the most is the fact its part of family history, it makes me treasure it even more so! Vintage just seems so romantic the beautiful stories, memories and secrets that each piece holds just seems magical like part of a movie or something.
Here are some pictures of vintage treasures I have received plus some pics of my beautiful Nana and Pop when they were young! I was just so excited I had to record and show you all! They seemed to have a beautiful life and my childhood is filled with memories of them both.

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