Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1950's A midnight Romance

Photography: Cassie Wright
Designer: Myself Kelly Jackson
Model: Myself
Inspiration: 1950's love

Thought it might be a smart idea to prove to you all i are not frauds i did go into fashion hibernation for two years where I spoke fashion... " fabulous fabulous", I slept fashion....Dark rings and glazed over sleep deprived eyes, was the ultimate fashion must for all fashion students "We are fabulous darling we make everything work!", I ate fashion.. Now i know why so many people in the fashion industry are so skinny they are too busy to eat! AND WORST OF ALL i wore fashion! actually that the bonus!

This creation is my final piece at fashion school inspired by bead glitter and sequins 1950's romance movies.
You know the idea where the girls with finger curls stands on the balcony with her white gloves and gown that glitters in the moonlight her lover grabs her by the waist and looks lovingly into her eyes....
Confession.... I am hopeless romantic and although a lot of people like to tell my fairy tales don't exist i choose to live in one even if it starts and ends with my clothes. I once bought a dress with big red roses all over it just because it reminded me of all things love and it made me smile whats more fairytale than that i lived happily and stylishly ever after!

Fabulous gloves xoxo

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