Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The beauty of the past....

My beautiful grandparents.

So my mind went wandering again the other day after an old man I served at work said:(and I quote)" When a pretty girl is at your service, you don't tell her she is beautiful, you say she be my wife"... I actually blushed and for a moment I ignored the fact that we were in the 21st century and he was an old balding grand-pappy! I began to imagine what the old days were like, the days before i were even in-existence(I know! Hard to believe such a day existed haha!)
In the days of my beautiful grandparents, inspired by their photos and time capsuled treasures,their stories and the occasional vintage film... make me wish to visit such a time as the glamorous 20s the flirty 30's and the fabulous 50's ..... Maybe i was born in the wrong time period or maybe I'm called to keep the beauty of the past alive....
Who knows but I hope you can treasure the past as much as i have...

Here are some beautiful vintage, inspired treasures i have gathered and are for sale prices as stated below...
enjoy xoxo

Brand new Granny floral clutch with gold trim!

Pink rose pendant necklace or broach

Pink and black lace dress size 10

Blue rose necklace with silver chain

Turquoise floral dress with shoulder ruffle

Pre-loved Granny floral purse
still in good condition

Floral granny purse with navy leather backing.

Yellow rose mirror ring


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