Monday, November 1, 2010

.The little white dress.

This blog entry I give credit to the beauty of the little white dress! Most people would believe that the little black dress is the most essential piece to start any girls wardrobe,.... Yet this summer I would have to disagree !

The little white dress is a must have piece for every girl! So simple and so easy to wear it can go from the beach with a pair of cute sandles and sling bag to a night out, on the town with a pair of fabulous heals and some red lipstick for a bit of fun! Don't even get me started on accessorizing these beauties ,with the most neutral of colours you can do anything you dream from edgy drama to romantic glamour the options are endless. They are so gorgeous on any girl and speak directly of sweetness and femininity ... This summer i know i will be searching the stores for some fun, flirty white, dress silhouettes looking for big skirts, love heart necklines, puffed sleeves and empire waistlines or anything that takes my fancy the more interesting the better ! I shall also, definitely celebrate vintage laces, frills, drapery and embellishments whilst on the hunt for these simple yet elegant outfits!
How could you not fall in love?....

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