Monday, June 7, 2010

You are my memories that smile....

This entry us a decication to our beautiful friends and the memories we share
Loving you all so much, Thankyou for the memories and blessing of knowing you!
Thankyou for loving us and spoiling us on our birthday!


  1. i wanna go away again these hols. can you get time off work? we can go back to that little shack on the beach.
    aka the cabin in the caravan park.
    it sounded prettier the other way.
    and slide down the stairs in our sleeping bags again.

  2. yeah hehe i was talking about it the other day it might be nice to get away before emma starts back at tafe... i can try if we go on a weekend that i already have off... i dont work thursdays and then i could just have to get out of a friday shift and that four days off!!!
    arent you and bec and jacqui thinking about going to melbourne soon ??? i am keen but maybe lil expensive for emma
    but yeah lets definately go away!!! xx