Monday, July 5, 2010


I need to send out a big apology to some who may be offended by my posting up pictures of other peoples work on my blog and not enough of my own. Here are a few snap shots of some of the illustrations and designs i have created/made.... to those who are confused my work has been up in past posts. I make and style the clothes found in the Emaly Love photos shot by Michael gray. It is not my intention to rip of other peoples work this space is used to celebrate my own work whilst also advertising and celebrating others masterpieces which inspire me and encourage me in my creative walk.I am inspired by a range of artists such as the work of graphic illustrators designers and musicians.... thus i make it a must! to clearly reference who and where you can find these images.... to those who it still may offend, I am a designer who is not conflicted or threatened by celebrating and enjoying the work of others as my inspiration. To grasp art fully you must be open to the inner workings of other designers and their practices. Art today has developed with postmodern ideas which involves appropriation ie the taking of other peoples ideas or shall we say work and manipulating to present new ways of seeing or an attempt to communicate sometimes controversial ideas This i am not attempting but rather am just commenting on the vast amount of talent within the fashion and artistic world. Being one who has devoted years to studying such concepts I have also been taught by teachers who would consider it naive to not constantly reference artists and designers within our art making processes...I ask that you celebrate with me and not kill the joy of enjoying beautiful design.
Be sure to keep checking out my post for more of my future work

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