Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You tied my heart to yours...

This is my attempt to keep my mind occupied, whilst attempting to save and re-framing from going out and spending! Although with payday around the corner its going to get trickier to stay away from the op shops and vintage stores!
I do have a habit of collecting and hoarding a lot of what I think are pretty little treasures. Which today my mum said would be a good trait to have if i wish to open my own vintage store one day.!

I have no idea how i shall financially do this or whether i shall reach this goal but i do know what i shall have in my little vintage boutique lots and lots of pretty bows!!!!
Bow dresses, hats, rings, shoes, headbands and all that you can imagine!

I rather enjoyed just dreaming whilst researching pretty images relating to bows. small pieces of feminine beauty which easily complete a cute, little, vintage outfit!
I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me



  1. finally a post about my obsession- bows!!! :) please make the black dress for me! :)

  2. hehe i wrote this post with you in mind! haha maybe oneday i will!!! xoxo