Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dedicated to the girl with the ideas....

To the girl who loves drinking tea and wearing polka dot dresses with white lace socks.
To the girl who loves hats and shoes
To the girl who breathes in colour and creativity .
to the girl who views life through whimsical words of love, life and design
to the girl who loves kittens
To the girl who makes me picture collages for my birthday!
To the girl who loves turning her world in the factory to play edie or wonderland to play alice
to the girl with ideas
you inspire me!


  1. Simply beautiful!! Wipes away tear. Xxxx

  2. kell everythign u have ever posted on this inspires me, u are that girl, with amazing dreams, a passion for life, a love for fashion and a commitment to being just you. <3 you put hope into my heart that i can one day write with such passion and unique fashion lingo off the top of my head as you to with this blog. and design and create master pieces. i so need ur help haha. love xx

  3. aww that wendy im going to have to steal all ur amazing pictures and write one about u! maybe once u finished ur fabulous range!
    thanks rychelle i love ur support, just letting u know im ur biggest fan ur are amazing! just u wait once u finish tafe it will all fall into place u will go where u need to go
    both u girls just keep being beautiful ppl u are and u will be destined for successxx