Monday, May 17, 2010

Love is real. Real is Beauty. Beauty is love

It's amazing, the talent and creativity God has blessed and surrounded me with. The young man responsible for these images is Michael Gray. Who at the ripe old age of 20 is a photo genius! I fell in loves with his images as soon as i saw them! The realness and beauty he finds in everyday life and in the faces of his friends and colleagues is astounding! He captures the beauty and REALNESS that would usually go unnoticed, cute freckles on the nose captivating turquoise eyes and subtle smirks from the very soul.Dramatic colours and contrasts, the use of light and shadow defines his work! Not only that....but....he captures Emaly loves favourite subject matter.... LOVE!!! so beautifully, as if from a fairytale! The grace and beauty he captures in ever kiss in every smile. We can not question his ticket to success!
His eagerness and desire for more and more creative snap shot has lead him to my door step. He has helped me out on the following photo shoot of our 2nd range. So, so happy here is another sneak preview!....

Interested in his work visit:
to see all his great offers!

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