Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Loving you, loving winter....

So it has been very wet ,very cold and very drab and dreary these last few days. Every time a shiver runs down my spine I become a little more convinced to turn from my desired destination and head home to find a warm blanket, sip a hot beverage whilst watching my favourite movies in my Pjs......
Which, got me thinking apart from the coldness what do i love about winter????

Reasons to love the cold....Cool winter hats
A lot more cuddles
Snuggling with some one special.
The ten seconds of entertainment you get from blowing fog from your mouth.
Jumping in puddles.

Writing on foggy windows

Cold noes kisses

Gloves and mittens.Wearing bright colours when everything else is grey. (I dare you...)

Big over-sized granny knit jumpers and coloured/patterned stockings.

The beautiful patterns of leave-less trees.

Patterned gumboots and brolleys.

The beauty of an untouched beach.

Wind swept hair.
Staying in bed.
Hope now, that with every shiver it shall bring you thoughts of joy that brings warmness to your heart

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